Nuendo plug-ins & Mac OS 10.7

The upcoming Mac OS 10.7 “Lion” will not feature the Rosetta dynamic code translator. This means that PowerPC binaries will not work, period.

Nuendo 4 and 5 for Mac OS, although being themselves Universal (PowerPC and Intel) binaries, come packaged with a few PowerPC-only VST plugins. Namely, the ones outsourced to or licensed from non-Steinberg developers around 2003, 2004: DeEsser, Q, MatrixDecoder, MatrixEncoder in Nuendo 4 and Tonic, DeClicker, DeNoiser, SurroundDither in Nuendo 4 and 5.

Although I can understand their presence in Nuendo 4, released in October 2007, since it was the first Intel-ready version of Nuendo, their lingering presence in Nuendo 5, released in June 2010, is somewhat a combination of indifference and laziness.

Notwithstanding the fact that dynamic PPC code translation consumes CPU cycles that could be put to better uses, their mere presence in the Nuendo 4 and 5 packages now prevents Nuendo from starting up in Mac OS 10.7. Yesterday, I installed the 10.7 developer preview, and Nuendo 4 and 5 would not startup until I went into their packages and took out the PPC VST plug-ins listed above.

I really hope that Steinberg takes the proactive approach on this one and that the four PPC plug-ins still present in Nuendo 5 will be properly re-compiled in time for Mac OS 10.7 release.

I tried too with the Lion preview with same results. :unamused:

I doubt it.
In Cubase 6 they are gone from the official install.

All of the sounds from the PPC VSTi are replaced by the Halion Sonic SE VSTi.


Strange. Nuendo 5.5 comes with DeNoiser… and then gives me a message that it doesn’t work.

So, is there a denoiser plugin for Mac on the market?


We’ve had excellent results using Izotope’s RX2. Standalone mode gives you the most flexibility and I’ve found denoising and replacing files is pretty simple. The plugin works also.