Nuendo Plugins Question?

Nuendo - are the plugins available for 5.1 surround mixing as well?

It depends on the plugin.

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…but yes, most of them are. Their delay even goes to 7.1.

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Yes, many of them are surround (or even 3D) compatible, and let’s not forget that the FX-Strips will scale to all numbers of channels, too.

… it’s just that Steinberg themselves provide false figures deliberately. ;-D


Hi Jean Marc,

I just made this, out of a curiosity to see what is what, plug in wise.

Note: If a No or Yes is inside brackets, it means the plugin will pass audio, but you will probably not hear the effect. Like autopanner, etc.


Thanks for the info, Dietz!

Hi Dietz,
I think that the mislabeling inside the “plugin information” within the plugin manager, is just that the coding team overlooked it. Thus why I made that list, where I actually go in and look at each plugins IO configuration, confirming how many channels they can handle. Hopefully they look at it at some point, and update the info in the plugin manager. maybe by the next update, and if they feel it is necessary to do so.


Thanks, Nicholas!

Wow, this is really useful work, thanks so much for taking the time to put this together!!!
I’m definitely going to upgrade from Cubase to Nuendo, now!
I wasn’t too excited to get the Surround bundle from Wave, but with this info, I don’t have to anymore!



You’re welcome Jean Marc. Nuendo really has enough 5.1 plugins to do most jobs.

Especially since mono/stereo plug-ins are sometimes perfectly adequate, even for 5.1/7.1 or Atmos mixes. But that is another topic. :wink: