NUENDO PRESETS - NEED OVERHAUL - Separate from Media bay

I find all of Nuendo’s internal presets and preset for their plugins always take at least 1-2 mins to load on my system, maybe longer depending. The system is a fast beast in general so its not Drives speed or CPU. etc

I’ve done a lot of testing on this and found out that mainly this is due to a large MEDIA BAY scanned size and also worse when volume drives are attached.

I think a new approach should be taken to separate all of the internal plugins from Media bay in some way. Like a separate file or scanner just for presets separate from Wav files and others etc. Since these files are usually small, I would expect real quick loads. I want to use Nuendo plugins but often navigate to others due to such slow loads because we have a large Media bay SFX library and that’s been working great and quite fast in general.