Nuendo preview creates "ghost automation" -> Eucon?

Hello there,

just working on corrections for a mix and once again noticed: when I am in preview, sometimes many channels get a volume automation info that I never did/“touched” (and overwrite when punching). Has anybody encountered this? Might this have to do with Eucon bank switching when navigating through channels?

VERY uncool :frowning:

… and just experienced this with the Artist Mix disconnected.

How can I hand this in as a BUG?

OK I think I’ve found a repro.
It happens whenever I’ am in preview and add a new send to a new group on any given channel. This somehow re-initnializes the mixer (Nuendo stops responding for a few seconds) and adds ghost volume levels to the preview.

I do know that one could (or ought to) route sends before engaging preview, but it does happen that I only rout to special sends once needed.

Maybe it is only me though… anybody else?

That happens here if you add a new send while in preview mode. Short solution - don’t do that!

Not quite…
It just happened to me for no apparent reason. No new send added, no insert, nothing other than preview, loop in automation window selected, some tweaking… and there they are, lots of pretty small orange ‘P’ next to every volume lane. This is a total no-go! :frowning:

Is this while stopped or while playing back?

Playing back. I adjust parameters like EQ, noise reduction etc. Something must be re-initializing the mixer and creating a fake global touch.

Bump - nobody? Only my system? 5.5.4 that is… hmm weird. Just had all orange ‘P’ light up on all tracks again…