Nuendo (Pro Tools SRC) Film to NTSC (Time Stretch)

This topic was brought up in the Nuendo 7 forums. I am hoping N8 can be tweaked to include a Post Production style Pull Up/Pull Down audio tool that keeps the sample rate the same but changes the timing. Currently, I use Waves Soundshifter but they are not supporting this anymore. I also use Pro Tools, only for their Sample Rate conversion and only when converting 0.1%. The PAL to NTSC 4% shift, I leave to soundshifter. I was hoping that Nuendo’s time stretch tool could be a but more Post Pro vs Music related or at least add in the functionality or presets that Pro Tools has.
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It is all there in Nuendo:

Use Resample 48000 to 48048 or 47952 0,1% /compress/stretch.

Use Timestretch to go from 24 fps to 25fps or vice versa:
Multiple algorithms are available including stellar sounding elastique.
All stretch settings are phase accurate also for multichannel files.
A small hint: You can enter 24 and 25 in the before/after BPM fileds to get the stretching ratios right.

Thank you Bernhard,
I never thought of placing the 25 to 24 in the BPM fields. This worked a treat.

I think those numbers should be factory presets inNunendo.

or you can also use 100 bpm and working this in %

I usually have to stretch VO from 24 to 25. I discovered that you can easily stretch all the audio you need if you turn on the musical mode of the single clips you need in the pool. As far as you change the tempo the audio stretching follows.