Nuendo question - cycle markers and dialogue


I am currently trialling Nuendo with the intention to purchase but I have come across something which I believe to be a limitation, namely the fact that while Cycle Markers can cover the ground of other smaller cycled sections, any dialogue from those subsequent parts is not displayed even if Always Display Dialogue is selected.

Is this intentional or is the feature so new that a use case hasn’t arrived yet?

Basically, I don’t want long lines of words on the screen which may overwhelm my talent, when I’d rather be able to display smaller snippets and record at any length I deem necessary.

In addition, I have found that when clicking on a (cycle) marker and pressing delete, the selected marker isn’t deleted if another section is currently being cycled so is this a bug?

Also, where is the “issues” forum for Nuendo users, or are we all adults.

Another thing, why is it not possible to drop into record mode with the ADR record button when the sequencer is already recording?