Nuendo rocks


I just finished sound design for a movie on Nuendo. But I had to deliver a Protools version for mix.
Using Protools version in parallel, I realised how much nuendo rocks.
And because I keep complaining on some options and upgrade on the Nuendo forum I thought it would be nice for once to give a shoutout to the dev team.

At 15yo, I used Pro24 on ATARI520 in the 80’s… when a freind offered to use cubase 2.0 I didn’t like that idea but finaly gave it a try. Then for 20y i used cubase 2.0 with my Dx100, Korg M3r, S3000Xl etc… I loved cubase 2.0 and found it very efficient (for midi) I inputed all the F Zappa albums in midi ! I was a nerd freak trying to reproduce everything I would hear (from lives to “black page” etc)
Finaly went to Sound engineering school and everything was PT there (94) So out of that i bought my first PC and PT5 on Digi01. (one PC for PT one for Giga studio one for NI)

years later I hear a weird sound in the flat above mine, I go knock on the door, my teatcher from sound school is there ! wow… little chat, i tell him (i’m proud) I have my PT he replys : “oh… we all went nuendo in school now…” (!what?) i keep my PT and work in a french studio that has PT too… but the more I do soundtrack for films… the more I miss the midi options from cubase (PT6 at the time is a mess for midi) and finally switch to cubase in 2007, then Nuendo in 2013.

So… when I work back on PT like this month… I know this software, and was super good at it (specially the editing). I lost the shortcuts, speed and workflow for sure but, from EDL, routing, customisation to mediabay … I really like Nuendo ! Things I don’t like in nuendo I thought other softwares were good at it like scrolling up /down edit window that has these “steps” and is not fluid in Nuendo;. Well PT is the same.

But When I tried to import my EDL in PT I realised… I had to buy a 500£ EdiLoad ! I havent’s looked t ADR but I guess it’s all the same.
So while there’s a lot to upgrade in nuendo it’s a hell of a good software !

Now… It’s not an easy software to use in a colaborative environement. I think next time someone asks me to sound edit only but send my files for PT to mix… i’ll say no and either offer to mix myself or hookup with a nuendo mixer. And that’s a shame really.
The tone people using PT use to ask you for things is condesendent if not rude once they now you are using nuendo. Like “your not on PT really ?” I had a "when you’ll work professionally blablabl… (20y I do soundtracks) just like a PC/MAC thing. This work i’m on with international mixing stars using PT is a joke it’s almost like they said “you’d better deliver PT 5.1 or else…”

wish AAF would be upgraded so it’s not multiple mono… that also Neundo could batch export 48k and render all process with handles when exporting AAF… took me 1day to export my session fully and check for error…

else :slight_smile: happy to go back to nuendo after this :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. The “PT industry standard” front is crumbling for the last few years. It used to be a requirement. Now? Not so much… I’ve delivered to Netflix, Amazon, Gravitas, Lionsgate, NBC, and 20th TV using Nuendo. No complaints or problems. Even on collaborative ADR and Foley sessions where the project is mixed in Pro Tools. There are ways to hand off which aren’t destructive. It just takes a bit of creative thinking for file organization/naming, and they get what they want/need.


Excellent post and wholeheartedly agree. Good to see someone being positive too.


Like many, I’ve been with Steinberg since the 80s, through every version of Cubase and now Nuendo.

Despite my frustration with some rather annoying Steinberg business decisions, yes, we are living in a golden age :slight_smile:

I’d happily recommend Nuendo to anyone :+1:


Hear hear!

I mainly used PT from around 2004 (v6.4), when I started professionally. I actually really loved PT, even though composing is my main thing too, and I depend a lot on MIDI. PT got a lot better at this around version 9 or 10. It was really the pricing policies that got a lot harder to accept after a while, especially with a PT HDX system. And as the updating became more and more bitter, I also found myself longing for a more “creative” environment. Gradually moved to Cubendo from 2015 an onwards and haven’t looked back. It’s a totally different philosophy to PT in that you can customize everything and mold the program to fit your needs (macros, shortcuts and Project Logical Editor - say no more).

Being a composer for film, TV and theatre, and also doing sound design for theatre, Nuendo is the reason(!)able and only logic(!)al choice. :grin:

Now that’s… a lot of notes! I love it!! :clap: Do you still have those MIDI files?

I grew up listening to Zappa (my dad is a big fan), so his music has had a real impact on me. I still think the “main theme” from Uncle Meat is staggeringly beautiful, no matter how weird it is. Zappa was so WAY ahead of his time. :yellow_heart:

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mmm I think about it sometime :stuck_out_tongue: I spent so much time on it. I would have to look at my parents house… I don’t even know where the atari 1024 is now. Probably my discs are with it too. And not sure they survived 30y !. It was super instructive to push my small setup to reproduce every detail I could here and a good ear training to.
That’s why I love the jazz from hell album :wink: It sounded close to what I had and types of programation.

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I converted my assistant from his agonising combination of PT and Logic to Nuendo. Admittedly I did make it a requirement of working for me - and I was concerned at first about the perception he had about Steinberg. Two days after learning Cubase (online and with the manual), he went totally nuts and macro’d his whole life, went crazy with logical editor, set up and incredible template with disabled tracks, etc etc - and now I we have another ambassador for Steinberg.
The proof is in the using. Blah blah blah only entrenches the perceptions that are out there, based on myth and marketing.
Here’s a great feature that I could never live without: try dragging a bar line, to picture, whilst Nuendo automatically edits the tempo track, and places your musical event dead on the place you want, visually, in seconds. This feature alone was so jaw dropping for my assistant when I showed him he was like “what just happened?” and he literally went and downloaded Cubase (and then Nuendo) in that moment.


geee never used that in nuendo.
A video tutorial is welcome…