Nuendo Scrubs Audio Event All The Way Back


Here’s the problem: I often shorten audio Events with Scrub. I do it positioning the Scrub tool as low at the start or end of event as possible; in that case Scrub starts acting as Pointer, and its icon changes to it automatically. A very handy thing indeed. It works fine if I shorten Event from left to right, i.e., make Event start later. Its okay when I do it from right to left BUT only if Event was never cut with scissors or otherwise altered. In other words, nine times of ten, while shortening event from right to left with Scrub, I get Event destroyed, with only a pixel - wide vertical remnant of it on the spot Event used to start from. This very bug is in full force in Cubase 9 too.

I wonder why so few people noticed that. Maybe people just ignore Scrub - a very powerful and handy tool.