Nuendo settings keep resetting

Hi there,

Nuendo often crashes on closing projects/Nuendo itself. This bug has been around for ages so I won’t complain about that, I’m sure Steinberg are well aware and will fix it if they found a way.

However something that might make the bug a bit less annoying is if Nuendo would save setting changes upon setting them - for example control room settings, or export settings, or it’s recently used projects - as opposed to when you close Nuendo.

To give a more concrete example of what I mean:
I save my projects like this:
001 - title.npr
002 - title.npr
This is a good way to backtrack progress if you ever want to pull something from an older version. However when I’m working on ‘064 - Arrangement’ move on to ‘065 - arrangement’ making a final adjustment or tweak, save, close Nuendo and it crashes, I shut down my workstation and return the next day, the recent projects list will probably show: project 064. Say I’m a bit hazy because I’ve not had my morning coffee, and I rely on Nuendo and open 064, my tweak will have been undone.

One more example of something that recently happened is: I had to send a batch of files off to the mix engineer, and he needed them timecode stamped. There where multiple sessions on this project and I got the request at the end of the day, so I exported from the session I was working on at the time and made sure broadcast wave info was checked. After closing Nuendo, logging out for the day and returning the next day I spending 2 hours exporting files from other sessions on the same project - fully convinced I turned broadcast wave on (orcourse, silly of me for not double checking ofcourse) - I had to redo these exports because Nuendo crashed during shutdown the last day (I hadn’t even noticed this time) and it had not saved my broadcast wave checkbox check.

Now, finally: I can imagine this is actually a feature for the sake of stability. You wouln’t want Nuendo to save and close on a setting that might have caused the instability in the first place. However, it would be helpful to make this feature a bit more selective. I can imagine this would be very important where certain plugin settings are concerned, however I don’t think the recent projects or export window settings fall into this catagory.

Curious if anyone else has issues with this.


This is a problem with your system, not with Nuendo itself!
We had discussions about similar problems already.

You should solve your system problems, then it’s working as expected.
Most likely it’s a 3rd party plugin that causes your problems or an incompatibility with some drivers.

I believe that Nuendo has had a problem with preferences for many years, the fact that the forums are full of similar posts does not show that there are many misconfigured systems, it shows that many people have the same problem with the application…hence it leaves room for the manufacturer to improve.

The only thing you can do is to organize your workflow in a way that includes regular preference save files for each part of the application.
It’s tedious, it comes at times when you don’t have the time and quite frankly the confusion should not happen on any system, no matter how well configured it is. But in the end you can only be prepared and hope the future brings a better system.

Maybe this is at least a little bit more helpful that the usual “our holy grail is not the problem, you are the problem” post that you see on forums way too often imho.

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It improved much with Nuendo11, if you still have issues, you should try to find out what’s causing them.
Try to find a crash dump and analyse it.

You seem to assume there is something wrong with my system. I can assure you there isn’t.

That being said: You are of course entirely correct. And I’ll readily admit this does not occur when you steer clear of any 3rd party plugins.

However, this would be the same as saying “your fridge will be fine, as long as you don’t store any food in it”.

I’m not a rookie on solving hardware and/or software related problems however there are two reasons I believe this to be a problem on Nuendo’s end (even if it is caused by a single badly programmed plugin)

  • The program runs smoothly. It is quitting Nuendo that is causing the problem. Don’t you think that is weird? I’ve used the bad software, drivers etc. and after I’m done, I’ve saved my work, everyhing did what it was supposed to do, and then it crashes when I try to close the software?
  • Other DAW’s running the same software and hardware do not exhibit this issue.

Furthermore when there are so many users experiencing this problem, I think it’s in order to question if it is indeed the users, or the system at fault. In other words, if you put the gas pedal in the back of the car, is it the users fault they can’t find it, or is it maybe better to put it in a different place?

All of this being said: Ultimately, I am not a software engineer, nor do I, or you, know whether the problem is Nuendo, my drivers, my plugins, or my OS. However I clearly stated:

“This bug has been around for ages so I won’t complain about that, I’m sure Steinberg are well aware and will fix it if they found a way.”

Followed by:

“However something that might make the bug a bit less annoying is if Nuendo would save setting changes upon setting them”

So I’m not even claiming it needs to be fixed (it would be awesome, however I can imagine how difficult that might be considering the multitude of (probably badly programmed) plugins out there, I’m asking to fix the settings reset. Check the title of this post.

I did a quick dive, but couldn’t find anything useful sadly.

I’ll see if I can do a more thorough dive when I have a bit more time, for now tho; I’m willing to live with it, I would just like it if Nuendo saved it’s settings when you set them, as opposed to when you close the program.

The fact that Nuendo fails to shut down properly makes it very apparent, however even if this wouldn’t be an issue I’d like to get my latest settings back also after a power outtage, or any other reason Nuendo quitting unexpectedly.

Especially with the recently used projects not being up to date it’s quite dangerous to miss something.

What you are describing is typically for a “Crash on close”.
Which means that, when you close Nuendo, it crashes.
So your “Recent projects” list, will not show the latest, because it didn’t have the chance to save it into the memory of the “recent projects”

This can have several and differend causes.
The most common issue is that a driver is not released by external soft/hardware.
If -for example- your soundcard doesn’t release the driver (correctly), Nuendo will stall/Crash/close incorrectly.
If a third party plugin doesn’t release it’s memory (a command that the plugin has to send out to your OS), Nuendo gets stuck. Nuendo has no control whatsoever over memory allocations of some plugins.

Could also be a problem with writing permissions of your application (and/or other) folders.


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Thanks Fredo!

Very insightful. It’s mostly Nuendo getting stuck and me forcing Nuendo to quit, so based on your info there’s probably plugins not handeling the memory right. I’ll see if I can narrow it down so I can bug whoever wrote the buggy software :joy:

However, the point of the post was actually about the settings not getting saved. Regardless of the cause, it would be nice if settings (like the ‘recent projects’ list) would be saved upon changing the setting in stead of when closing the app, so settings are carried over even in case of a crash or forced shutdown.


It has to… it is working on my system and on many others.

That is the same moment… you can have project files that were opened never before. If you close Nuendo with a not saved project, you get asked about the location and the name and after entering the information, Nuendo closes immediately.
So this has to be the moment to save settings.

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Well no …
It will just shift the “problem” to another place/time.
The “latest” information is saved upon close.
Which makes sense, because you can change a truckload of parameters without having a project active.

There is no continious “save” going on in the background.
You save manually or set a time interval for saving data.
So that goes for writing the parameters upon close of the application as well.


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I’m talking about settings not associated to the active project, so things like key commands.

Personally, after every new version and update, I always find myself deleting preferences, and then restarting the DAW/OS, time and again until stable operation is possible.

As Fredo said, it is likely related to the release of drivers and/or memory so is probably more to do with the underlying system than the DAW.

In the past, it was encouraged to not update the OS, but I find this to be a poor approach as having a clean system which is up-to-date, is actually ruling out many potential causes of a crash on exit situation.

With Nuendo 12 for example, I had a crash on close of the Project, rather than the DAW so the remedy was to first save the project, then close it, and subsequently quit the app so it was obviously a plug-in crash, that I fixed by you guessed it, eliminate old plugs.

With the DAW crashes that were persisting, I was just about ready to re-install my Audio driver, but as fate would have it, a simple restart of the OS, has for now at least remedied the situation.