NUENDO short freeze on tempo change.


i often used tempo change in my music with images behind without any problem.
but since nuendo 8 i have a freeze happening in nuendo say … 20 sec each time timeline passes on top of tempo event change.

then pressing stop and scroll back before tempo change causes also freeze making the all thing a nightmare.

once this tempo change is made and nuendo went over it second time is better (not ok !) there’s a little jump in timeline just going over a tempo change. or when i move a tempo event nuendo freeze for a moment before working again.

during these freeze music keeps playing behind video is stuck.
this makes tempo change absolutly useless.
anyone has this ?
maybe some tempo based VSTi is at fault… may be the crazy DOP thing is doing this i have no idea but can hardly use a function that is quite commun.

----haaa fak… .german forums again :stuck_out_tongue: