Nuendo skipping notes/brief freeze on recording midi

Wanted to throw this to the community.

Nuendo 8.3.20, Windows 10 Pro (1803), Scarlet 6i6 v1, Panorama P6, Nvidia GTX 1060

Coming from Cubase 10 which was flawless and did not have this issue.

While recording midi (playing live) in Nuendo, sometimes get sustain release (though pedal is down) and silence though playing keys. Visual inspection reveals that the progression line/cursor in Nuendo briefly pauses during this time, then skips to where it should be in time. It is as if all midi and audio ceases for a split second (hard to tell but under a second). Nothing gets recorded in that space where I was recording. It is as if I lifted my hands off the keyboard and played nothing for the brief second.

Cannot duplicate in Kontakt (or other instrument) standalone mode, cannot duplicate in Ableton Live 10 or FL Studio. No spikes on any meter, LatencyMon shows smooth operation, Event Log shows zero errors during that time. Edit: there IS cursor pausing in playback in Nuendo… notes still missing from that section of recording.

Nuendo setup matches previous Cubase setup. Nvidia settings for Nuendo added to match those of Cubase. Using Steinberg Power scheme. Scarlet latency set to 4ms.

Footnote: The ONLY oddity I have noted is that one of my VSTs stopped working (Sound Magic Neo Piano) and upon checking my Machine ID for that VST, it is different than it was a few months ago. However, none of my other programs (Engine, Kong Audio Qin, Spectrasonics stuff) that uses machine ID have changed or stopped working.

Can anyone help?

Additional info for the minds that might add their help:

ASIO Guard was off. This is happening with only one track in the project. I could run 30+ instances of Kontact in Cubase 10 on this system without even budging my meter…with ASIO Guard off.

Now I have turned it on. And yes it actually stops the hiccups that I see, but I do see ASIO glitching (meter hits red) and NOTHING has changed on this system. Please advise.

Even I am not ready to type the convoluted answer to my problem…wow, just wow.

Ok, here goes-

The first thing to troubleshoot my problem was to look for changes in Windows, including updates. There had been a few minor things, but I am on 1803 and because I am running Windows Pro, I can choose to not update till the update is cleared by MS for everyday business use.

Next I opened Task Manager and began checking the Performance tab. This is when I narrowed down to an Ethernet spike that occurred at the same time my brief freezes and stuck notes were occurring. I quickly wrote to Steinberg along with sending them a dump file. They were very helpful and offered great suggestions ranging from checking network drivers to directly pointing me to help on MS’s website. But this was still a no-go but it got me to thinking…

This time, while running Nuendo I also had the Resource Monitor open and the Network tab checked. As Nuendo played through a track, suddenly the Ethernet spike showed up and a new process appeared as having activity: dasHost.exe

Now I know this has to do with device association, but why is it pinging my network? I decided to filter the results and check the address that it was pinging (usually your computer, or remote website or IP address). It was pinging an address on my local network. But WHAT?

It was pinging my Sony TV. Smart TVs are fantastic. Now what? Then I remembered several items that I had seen (and overlooked at the time) in the setup menu of my TV related to network settings. One in particular caught my attention: Remote Operation. I ran down and sure enough it was enabled. I disabled the Remote Operation and ran back up to my studio.

Hours later no hiccups or any issues within Nuendo. So…if you are having issues and you have a smart TV on your network, it might be worth a look. But it fixed my problem.