Nuendo (sound for picture): How do you receive audio?

I’m not quite sure what part of that should be considered question…
But you do not master in the traditional sense when sending score to a dubstage.

I mix the entire project and master it then send it to the writers for rendering encoding and duplication…but first I master the stereo mix in wave lab.and I have been playing with mastering the 5.1 track in nuendo as one single track. Just so the relative balances between center an lfe channels stay right.does anyone else do this?. Also I keep the RMS around -15 dbs .but it could be hotter and still have dynamics…also I have noticed most films are very dynamic sometimes around -20 there a reason for this? Sometimes dialog is lost when listening at a normal level…is there a standard for RMS loudness in film?

Yes, there most definitely is!
Of course, some films have to low dialogue, and some to loud. But the listening level is very important.

In a cinema theater the standard is 85 dBC. This is calibrated at the Dolby Volume level 7, or for other manufacturer (Like Yamaha or QSC) the ref is 0. At these to two levels a cinema should always sound the same. (Of course in theory).

TV films and TV drama for a long time had now real standards. It was PPM 9 (EBU Nordic etc.) etc.
But not it is a standard both for most EU and US. It is the R128 for EU and A85 for US.
These originally were two standards. But they’ve been refined the last three years, so in practice they are the same. They are also covered in the same standards texts these days.

In Nuendo 6 and 6.5 you have the loudness meter to help you with reaching the set standards for R128 and A85 (and many, many others)
But you still have to listen at a correct level.

There is way to much information regarding this subject. But start out here:


I am in the process of putting a mixing suite in a actual theater and I am going to install a 5.1 sound system from a theater and mix in there I Nelieve that’s what thx is. …correct me if I’m wrong… IBam goingnto use madi from the cr to feed outs And ext effects. AMD use a nuage system in the sweet spot…I will post pics during the construction

THX is all about specs.
Your room and equipment need to be within THX specs.
Then they come measure, maybe tweak (if you pay extra), and if all is fine, you can “brand” your studio THX approved.
That alone will cost you a truckload of money.


Well its already a movie theater. …not sure about the sound system yet

Listen to Fredo on this one. Be very careful with how you market your facility. If you intend on using the “THX” logo and term anywhere make sure you get everything set up according to spec AND approved by the appropriate ‘authority’.