Nuendo stability an issue?

A DAW software is certainly an overly complicated architecture and the devs of steinberg certainly deserve our admiration for creating such a beautifully useful piece of software.

But as in every beautiful thing in this world, perfection is left out.

After conforming a 20min reel (delete time&insert silence as in manual) with automation written all over the place, export ceased to function. Playback would stutter over certain fixed regions. Deleting the adjacent events did not help, deleting video track did not help. Clear automation in that range solved it.
What could have caused this glitch? I mean what automation could get written in a project that could make nuendo stutter, and lock up on export ? The program decides what it writes, so the program knows what it reads?

This one was easy.

Next one is even weirder. In involves a simple edit session, no plugins used on inserts, only offline processes. A simple right click on an event would sometimes cause an lock up of nuendo. Log file written notification, program halt. But where is the log? I have found only crash log files dating version 5.5.2. I don’t expect anybody to reproduce this kind of bug.

The same day inserting an altiverb plugin on an another 20 min reel did nothing. I tried several times. Then tried to save the project. Message:“the project is corrupted, nuendo can not save the project” or something like this. Game over.

I expect a better bug report system on the side of the program that could properly report WHAt has caused the problem. A plugin memory usage window? A debugging console? An automated way to report the error to steinberg?

My lesson is: keep thinks simple in order to not upset nuendo. I hate working this way with such a versatile piece of software. But really, as things complicate in a session I begin feeling anxious. Not having error logs since 5.5.3 makes me feel :slight_smile:

Mixing ITB is great and nuendo certainly has all the features needed for that, conforming is a breese, editor, pool, extensive marker function, faster than real time export…you name it. But stability just does not cut it.

I love nuendo and I had even an film director saying “what a great program, what is it?”.

There are perhaps extensive “try to do this and that” solutions, reinstall, format your harddrive, talk to the plugin vendors, but I think nuendo shoud name the case.

Well, I think I had a bad day, and I hope tomorrow will be awesome, just wish me good luck :smiley:

What you’ve described sounds very much like you’re hitting the memory limit of the 32bit version of Nuendo.

Peak working set for nuendo was 1.2gb, far from 4 gb. Should I look somewhere else for memory usage?

Just fire up the 64bit version and seen if it solves the problem.
If it doesn, then it was a memory issue.


As Fredo said…
Nuendo 64 bit helped us with some snags, which proved to be mem related, too.

Last time, an assistant had the weardest probs when he absentmindedly opened a large project in Nuendo 32 bit. After that, I kicked the Nuendo 32bit icon off the desktop.
I hope, 64bit can helpe you with your problems.

Cheers, Big K

I use a intensity card for hdmi output, will it work with N64?
I remember there were some issues with quicktime.
Nevermind , I found the answer, it works since 5.5.
But I am in the middle of a mixing project right now an I dont’ feel like reinstalling.
I sure hope this would fix things.

Meanwhile I would like to ask you why Nuendo starting 5.5.3 does not write crash logs anymore?

It can’t be a permission issue since I have enbled Everyone Full control on nuendo install folder.

Nuendo 64 and Nuendo 32 can co-exist on the same computer.

Please search for one of my other recent posts regarding how to view memory used (Task Manager doesn’t give the proper story).

Crash logs are no longer located in the Nuendo program folder. They are located in your user account under MyDocuments/Steinberg/CrashDumps.

At times, I had 3 Nuendo versions, each in 32 and 64 bit, on one mock-up PC and it didn’t cause any probs. You should be able to install Nx 64 bit anytime and try your .NPRs with it. If you are not quite set-up for 64bit, yet, some plugs might be missing. But unlike a year or two ago, most manufacturers have released stabil 64-bit versions of their softwares by now, which also didn’t influence the 32-bit domain on our puters.
Big K

Ok, thank you likelystory. I found Process Exporer and I’ll give it a try when i’ll get to work.
Running them versions side by side sure changes things, I’ll do that and report back.

Ok, I tried opening one of our reels in N64.
Everything sounds fine except that the interface is stuttering. Every action has a delay, altough a/v playback is fine.
This is not present in 32 bit and not present in 64 bit in other reels.
The stuttering dissapears whan I delete every single FX track in the project. The FX tracks are all automated and are containing Altiverb 6 and Equality 64 bit plugins, cpu/vst usage is low.
Any advice? To me it seems automation related.

Virtual memory usage for 32 bit version is 1,6 gb in Process Explorer. Is this still ok?


IMO, projects should remember which version of Nuendo was used to last work on them (32 or 64-bit) and when a project is opened accidentally or intentionally in an alternate version from the last one used to edit the project, Nuendo should specifically point this out to the operator as in:

“This project was previously opened in Nuendo 64-bit: are you sure you want to open it in Nuendo 32-bit?”

I got bit by this oversight a few times now, especially when launching Nuendo directly from double-clicking a project file.