Nuendo steals resource from other programs while opening songs

When I open up a song in Nuendo and I’m loading Kontakt instruments I’m not able to type or or generally use other programs, such as Microsoft Word while the song is opening as Nuendo continually “steals” the focus.

Is there some preference or setting I can enable to stop that behavior?

Preferences/VST Audio System/Release Driver when application is in Background


Strange, this is not required in Cubase.

I also had this effect with Nuendo that alone during program start the mouse only moves reluctantly etc
on an otherwise very performant system (Xeon E5-1650v3, 6-core, Samsung SSD 860 Evo 1TB, 32 GB DRAM, Supermicro Server Board X10SRi-F).

It is really a bit strange that program start of Nuendo alone brings the system to it’s knees.

That doesn’t help. I am curious if others with Kontakt heavy songs have similar issues when loading songs. I see that Tubesniffer has also experienced this issue.

Fredo is talking about a different issue. Nuendo doesn’t operate like a normal Windows program does so it has issues with focus. It’s been broken for a while now and never fixed.

This is something Steinberg should look at. When it takes several minutes to load a song, that’s time wasted when I can’t focus on another program.

You can usually get it to switch application focus by clicking around but it is a nuisance for sure.

But when the next Kontakt instrument starts loading, I lose focus again. Arrghh…

It’s been broken since they introduced the new Windows windowing method. It’s one of those things which is a constant PITA for users but doesn’t seem to rate highly enough to get fixed.

This is annoying. I can’t do other tasks with my computer while Nuendo is loading up, or when projects are loading up.

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