Nuendo Stop Working Error after 7.0.35 Update.

Nuendo Stop Working Error after 7.0.35 Update.

I load any project done with 7.0.30, exit nuendo. It crash…

While Version History 7.0.35 says:

B-14730 STABILITY: Quitting a project where third party plug-ins are in use no longer
renders the application unreliable.

What’s the problem Steinberg ?

I’ve been having similar issues although it doesn’t seem to be common.

Same here but I can see no pattern to it - it just crashes randomly when exiting Nuendo.

Annoying as I am not just trialing the product - I actually bought the upgrade.

So… I went back to 7.0.30… No problem…

Thank me for having AOMEI Backup, and lots of BK.

No 7.0.35 for me !!!

Different problem (video will not run in 7.0.35) but same result for me so I’ve rolled back to 7.0.30 also, everything works fine. Obviously some bugginess to this update, hope they address it soon. john.