Nuendo stops recording


I just updated to Nuendo 6 and had a foley session. A number of times Nuendo stopped recording in the middle of a take. That means it continued to record nothing, an empty file. Never had that problem under Nuendo 5. Does anyone experience something similar?



here is my post from about 3 weeks ago… I’ve since gone back to N5

Hello all,
N6 has done it to me twice now… I don’t trust it for live recording anymore & have gone back to N5.5.5.

Running MacBook Pro MountainLion with RME FF800.
This is a TV kids show recorded with edits & post on the fly by chasing timecode from a digibeta.

I used it yesterday for the rehearsal & towards the end of the show, there was a slight pop. When I looked up, the waveform had stopped drawing & I was left with the blocks. Monitoring passed through as if it was still recording so I thought it had stopped drawing graphics. When I hit stop, the new “blocks” were on the timeline but I couldn’t move them & there was no audio.
It was the end of a long day so I put it down to a glitch.

This morning, halfway through seg 1 & same thing happened. Fortunately the back up was fine so I dumped it back in from the backup & changed back to N5.

Interestingly, I have a second system being used interstate on another kids game show but running on W7 & it seems fine…

Any ideas where to look please ???

Is this issue specific to Mac users ?

Well… since posting this, the system in Melbourne has also done it.
Only once… but never the less, it has happened.

Interestingly, they are still running the windows system with N6 & all seems ok… however, the next 3 days are really intensive record days so I’ll report back if anything else happens.

It has also happened to us a few times.

Could this be due using tc to sync. If there is some drop out in the incoming tc or something like that it messes up N6?
Has it happened using only internal sync. Just my 2 cent for narrowing down this issue.

Bye / Tumppi


that is interesting. I am also using Nuendo 6 with a FF800 on an august 2009 MacPro now running mountain lion. So maybe this could also be a FF800 issue under mountain lion? I haven’t used Nuendo 5 under mountain lion.




no, I am not using any external sync.

I’m using a FF800 w/ Mountain Lion with no problems.


FF800 with TCO installed does do weird stuff… but N5.5.6 works flawlessly.
I don’t have time to attempt N6 again. I’m waiting for an update.

I’m still faffing about with the best way to sync with the TCO simply because it seems to be there for Asio drivers ONLY… but if you don’t use the video in, there are occasional minor drop outs.

Yesterday I had absolutely NO issues with house WC & LTC into my Mark of the unicorn digital timepiece then sending video out of that into the TCO & the WC output into FF800 WCin.
If I use house video ref on it’s own to the timepiece, I sometimes have issues.
This way (for some reason) seems to work so I’m leaving it as is… :question:

& further more…
OK, for the last 3 days I’ve been here in Melbourne using the other system with N6 on a PC.
FWIW, this one is using a USB connection to an 01V96i.

It’s running like it should. No issues WHAT SO EVER!!!

I just don’t get it…


yes, i have seen this and told yamaha / steinberg about it over a month ago … it seems to me that is it becoming an issue for more than just myself … lets stay on top of this one … they have not replied to me in a long time now …

i bought N6 and cannot use it … i am now using 5.5.6 and all is good except for the fact that i would like to use the software i purchased …