Nuendo Studio Directory

Does anyone here know if there is a section on this website or some other location that contains a Web Directory of Nuendo Facilities? I’ve been collecting addresses as I go along. But I thought there certainly must be a “Central Location” by now where we can “find our own.” Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding this?

Nobdy? Well, might I suggest that start a Nuendo Studio Directory? I think that would be a valuable reference resource. What do you guys think?


it’s here:
Can be accessed via the normal Nuendo product page…

We’ll update it sometime soon.


How about starting a survey on this forum to build a Nuendo-user studio guide:
Name, location, 1 line of basic info + 1 picture?
Make a sub folder in the forum and present all the studios there, maybe even on the SB pages…

I am sure that there are many beautiful and professional studios out there that will
be promoting Nuendo to the world just by showing up in there as Nuendo users.
If this is ok for the larger flagship studios it should be as well for the rest ( majority )
of your paying customers.
M2Dollars …

SB still runs a very tight budget for promotion and advertising, compared to, e.g., DIVA.
Understandable. But it is not comprehensible is that SB doesn’t use all the cheap and readily
available resources to increase popularity and turn-over like the one above mentioned.

Habe die Ehre: Big K

This is NOT a studio directory. This is an ad fo Nuendo. Clicking on any of the names of the people endorsing the product does NOT take me to their studio web page where I can find out information about their riggs/rooms, services, rates etc… Even googling the names of these individuals wont bring up any relevant studio information. So, while your Famous User page is enlightening it is not at all what I am suggesting. I’m looking for the same kind of directory I’d be using if I were looking for a plumber or car dealership or clothing store. THAT’S a REAL DIRECTORY. Do you have anything like that? If not, can we start one?

Here’s what I got researching Ron Eng.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&cad=b

The IMDB page gets me info on Ron, but nothing about the studio where he works. I want to be able to network with other Nuendo Studio Owners. I know I can get forum help here on Nuendo usage. I’m talking about networking for business.

Say, I’m producing a band who is actually on tour but will have a 3 day stay in Boston. I’d like to be able to know where the NUENDO STUDIOS in Boston were. I could call, get info, book a capture session, and send the files back to my shop for mixing or post pro, should we shoot a video of the session. That’s the kind of directory I need.



The “studio reference page” on the Nuendo website anyway needs an overhaul, as it partly hasn’t been
updated for a long time. We will incorporate some more information on the respective facility as you suggested!

We won’t include things like equipment and rates etc. All this can be subject to permanent changes.
Most of the studios have own websites with all information necessary.


Thanks a lot. Direct links SHOULD be all that’s required to get the necessary information. That’s why I thought it would be a simple enough procedure to just have a page here like the Media Lounge, where all the Nuendo/Cubase studio owners could just post their links. A simple rolodex type page would suffice. Thanks again.