Nuendo suddenly not working normally with specific project


I am asking if anyone can assist me with a problem that I’m having with Nuendo4 on the PC windows 7.

Been working on several projects using Nuendo 4 without problems for awhile now. Today, when I tried to reopen a project I was working on last night, it opened, but I was suddenly unable to use my keyboard commands (not even the default spacebar = play). I also have difficulties using the save functions and was unable to quit Nuendo. (I had to force quit it from task manager)

I noticed that the problems seems isolated to this specific project ( including the backup files). I had no problems opening other projects, using the keyboard commands on other projects or quitting the program when other projects instead of this one was opened.

Does anyone have any clue on what’s going on? I’m feeling rather anxious and worried as this project contains about a week’s or more worth of work.

Please send me any suggestions you may have. Thank you!