Nuendo support for > 6 cores on Intel CPU's

The DAW components page still lists 6 cores as the recommended limit for Intel PC CPUs while on the Mac or AMD Opteron platforms, 4 to 12 cores are supported. We are on the cusp of availability of 8 core Xeons and later this year Ivy Bridge 8 cores will start appearing. The performance of a single E5-2670 8-core Xeon over the current 3960X Sandy Bridge-E 6-core is dramatic. And it’s only about 1/3 more expensive. But it seems that Xeons don’t scale as well to low latency I/O operation, completely losing their processing advantages at extreme low latencies, so the future Ivy Bridge CPUs look like better candidates.

This post might be a bit pre-emptive, but is Nuendo in its current form ready to take advantage of an Intel 8-core system? There have been issues in the past when moving to larger core numbers: is it recommended to wait until these are tested or is the groundwork already done to support more CPU cores than 6?

Thanks for any info.

Nuendo is capable of using 16 cores/32 threads…

smart money would just buy a 3930k and over clock it to 4.5GHz… about the same power as an 8 core 2670.

Thanks for the info. It’s pretty much “today’s” answer and what I was considering.

What’s the story about latency? I keep reading that Xeons are not good low latency solutions and that desktops chips are better. Why is this so?

not sure i would agree with that comment at all. but i can see where it could be made.

Dual Xeon motherboards tend to not be audio freindly, however with the right board its not more or less likely do not be able to do low latency vs a single processor board.

assuming all things work and windows/bios tweaks have been done. and the dual Xeons are of equal GHz to the single then the dual technically will be able to handle lower latency of very large projects.

but again almost no one needs that kind of power.

This may be of interest to you?[keyword_search]=Octo%20core

alas more misinformation from Steiny…
i have no issues running Cubendo on a 16 core 32 thread system (so much for HT turned off)

want some numbers?

using the dawbench DSP test… with Cubase 6
Dual 8 Core 2.6GHz
437 @ 32 buffer
550 @ 64
640+ @ 128

compared to
single 8 core 2.6 Xeon in an X79 board

322 @ 32
398 @ 64
411 @ 128

compared to 6 core single 3960X @ stock speed 3.33GHz
253 @ 32
298 @ 64
319 @ 128

so much for not working @ low latency or correctly load balancing