Nuendo Support

Havent received answer on a support request after 10 days.

Where do you guys usually go for support?

This was the support question
“HI! AVID S6 Eucon console wont boot when i use my Nuendo Dongle.
I have a CUbase Lisence/dongle when i use this the S6 Console starts i Nuendo.
please advice”


I had a support request 4 month ago - never got a reply. One month ago the request was quietly closed. I opened two other requests 10 and 4 days ago. No reply to any of the requests so far. I don’t know if the support team exists at all.

This is not the kind of support I’m expecting for a professional product.

Ok, now they just deleted my two open support requests - without any reply. What kind of support is this?

What do you need help with?