Nuendo takes for ever to start-up

All my Steinberg VST sounds are correctly installed and also correctly registered in the Steinberg Library Manager. Yet everytime I start-up Nuendo 12.0.70, it asks me to locate all of my 377 vstsounds manually. WHY is Nuendo not looking for them where they are properly registered within the Library Manager?

Also, when Nuendo asks me to relocate vstsound files manually (on start-up screen), why do I have to do that manually for all my 377 vstsound files individually, if they are all located in the same folder? Is Steinbergs software so unintelligent? Any other app I have that needs to re-link files, will usually be smart enought to figure it out after the second link. It really feels like this is sloppy legacy code that hasn’t been updated for the past 20 years. If you add up all the hours users have to spend re-locating sounds manually, we are probably in the tens of thousands of wasted work hours. Why? Because this feature has either never been programmed correctly or has never been updated.

In general, I don’t understand why Nuendo and Cubase takes so long to load? It usualy takes me over 10 minutes (on a brand new 5000 USD system). A nightmare.

I don’t remember every having had a Cubase or Nuendo version that actually started in an accepatable time frame.

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Strangely, I found that Nuendo 12, at least while on the final patch, started up about as fast as Reaper for me, unlike N13 which takes quite a while (~27 seconds) in comparison.

Not sure what’s going on in your machine but both Cubase Pro 13 and Nuendo 13 start up in less than 30 seconds here and I don’t find that particularly onerous.
With respect to your vstsounds, I don’t know why Nuendo would be asking you to relocate them, but this kind of activity is best handled in the Library Manager.

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Timing it on my system I get 9 seconds to launch N13, 6 to launch N12. So longer, but not a lot longer and in line with other complex programs with plugins (Vegas 21 takes about 15). It also doesn’t ask about any of the vstsound files, which I’ve got a fair few of.

So I think you have something on your system, software/configuration wise that is messed up. As to what that is I couldn’t say, but it doesn’t seem to be an inherent issue to the software.

Thank you for the many responses. I have hit a dead end unfortunately and was not able to solve the problem.

Nuendo keeps prompting at star-up to relink all my sound VST files, even though they are recognized once Nuendo has loaded (even if I click ignore 500 times instead of relinking). All the libraries are also correctly linked and configured in the Steinberg Library Manager and there are no duplicates in Media Bay as far as I was able to see.

This is either a rare bug or some serious setting mismatch / issue in Nuendo and I will have to contact Steinberg support directly. Maybe one of the devs there can direct me in the right direction.

Issue: Nuendo keeps prompting for all Steinberg Sound VST files at startup, even though they are correctly configured and linked in the Library Manager and are also appearing normally in Nuendo once the multitude of prompts have been ignored at startup. When Nuendo is closed and is re-started, Nuendo again prompts and is asking to re-linking each and every sound file (and there are a lot of them).

Hmmmm. What I might try in that situation is uninstall ALL my Steinberg stuff, and move the preferences/config files in both your documents and in app data. Basically clear out all configs, and then reinstall.

Yes thank you, I may have to do that…

experienced same problem and my resolve was to remake all/most shortcuts in VSTsound folder/s: Groove Agent, HALion and Nuendo, then run Library Manager, which said I had doubles, which I allowed it to delete. Now all is fine again.

Just timed Nuendo 12, after running it with updated VSTs and from shortcut to actually opening a project and playing=47 seconds: this is on an ASUS notebook which has many other programs, to which I do not run on my DAW-PC; then I’d expect 20 seconds, or so.

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