Nuendo - Tascam DM3200+Mackie Control Remote

Simple Question:

Running Nuendo 5.x with Tascam DM3200 remote via MC-for steinberg ( 2 ways ,17 faders available)

In hope for 16 more faders i´m planning to buy and connect 2 mackie control extenders .

is it possible to connect the 2 mackie controls extenders and the dm3200 in one Nuendo configuration?

example: mackie control 1+2 remoting channel 1-16 of nuendo and Tascam DM3200 remoting channels 17-32 + Master ?

i´m asking because 1600€ are lot of money for a “test”

anyone here who ist runnimg 2 different DAW-controllers to remote Nuendo or cubase?


I’m currently in the middle of a controller move from mackie to avid. I have an mc control, MCU + 2 exts’s and a faderport and they are all hooked up right now. All three units can point to the same channel, and any of the three will cause the others to respond.

A mackie control EXT can be hooked up to nuendo but with out the main MCU unit, the ext’s are not bankable and your two would always default to channels 1-16. The ext’s will also respond to the layout of the main nuendo mixer… if you hide ch1-16, the ext’s will show 17-32. This may be all you need. The short answer is yes you can connect them all and sort of get it configured how you want, but they will never behave like one unit.

An Avid MC mix on the other hand is bankable as a stand alone unit, It’s more expensive and you also have plug-in and send control. This would not behave like one unit with your tascam either but if you are going to spend money you might as well get the most functionality you can.

I’m looking to sell my mackie system… MCU v4.0.1 ALPS faders, 2x EXT’s v4.0.2 ALPS faders, 1x EXT v3.0 P&G faders.
There’s 32 channels right there.


Thank u for your reply. I Hope i understand you. If i buy 2 Extenders the will Remote the channels 1-16 in nuendo. My tascam 3200 works like a mcu. I can Map it to channels 17-32 in nuendo by Pressing the Bank Buttons… In nuendo i can also Map the Control surfaces directly the Groups of 8 or 16 channels afaik. I Must Be makeble by the Order of Opened and configurated mc-surfaces in the menue of nuendo.

Where are you located?


New York City.

I don’t know how to directly map the control surfaces to the specific groups. If you are talking about setting up the EXT’s via generic midi control… that will not work.

You will not be able to tell nuendo that a fader is a fader… at least I couldn’t. Faders and pots will not behave correctly because you can’t tell them to send specific types of control data, they are locked into their mackie programming. The only way I could get the to work is by connecting them as “mackie control”