Nuendo to Cubase crossgrade (warning...semi-rant)

Just gotta take a minute to say how crazy the SB policy seems to me on this subject.

I’ve owned Nuendo since Ver 2. After the initial purchase price, I’ve spent cumulatively a couple of thousand US dollars upgrading to now Ver 8.3 over the years. Now worries there…happy to have done so. Nuendo is a great and productive tool that has paid for itself many times over.

But I want to now add (and possibly switch to) Cubase 10. My world is music creation these days with little to no video involved and the new features would be a plus for me sooner than later. Some really nice improvements. And so, I discover that I can qualify to crossgrade for a reduced price from the following list of DAWS, some of which are only +/- $300.:

Ableton Live Standard / Suite, Logic Pro, Cakewalk Sonar Platinum / Professional, Digital Performer, FL Studio Signature / Producer, Pro Tools / Pro Tools HD, Reason (from Version 6), Studio One Professional

But not Nuendo.

I own PT and Ableton and probably something else on the list, so it’s not an impediment to crossgrading, at least for me. I just completely fail to see the logic or point of this policy. I mean, logic says my +/- $2000.00 Nuendo License should also run it’s $600.00 little brother in the same way a Cubase Pro License runs Artist or any other reduced price/feature set version. But not even asking for that, just the same offer as to a competitor’s $300.00 DAW. And I realize that I’m actually better off crossgrading from PT or Ableton to keep my Nuendo license which I would have to surrender if I even could crossgrade, but even the fact that I would have to give up my $2000.00 license to run a $600.00 license from the same company seems daft. The whole concept seems as if was conceived of by a drunken Johnny Depp.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Just needed the catharsis of stating the obvious in a group setting. Sheesh!


Yup … I’ve been thinking the same. I’ve let the post thing go now and really only need Cubase features. I’ve been thinking that the upgrades for Cubase cost less than keeping Nuendo current… can anyone confirm?

I’ve had every version of Cubase since Atari days … so I don’t want to think how much I’ve spent ( let’s not even get into steiberg hardware over the years)!

I actually think a full Nuendo license should let us run Cubase too. I mean why not? Perhaps after a waiting period to capture as many sales as possible. But if the new Cubase features will trickle to Nuendo, what’s the harm in letting paid up Nuendo users try them out?

No… timed demos aren’t the same thing at all.

This comes up somewhat often :slight_smile: And the reply will be (if any) that it is technically not possible to ‘include’ the C license into the N license. Thus, since licenses are always transferable, you cannot get the C license for free.
I don’t know if SB also issues NFR licenses, which would be a smart solution IMHO. If not, Cubase Pro should be sold to N users for the lowest available price, agreed.

On the other hand, I have two full licenses (N & C) and for some reason I almost never use Cubase, even when I don’t need any of the post features. So I would say that not having an additional Cubase license is not a showstopper.

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