Nuendo to Protools AAF Order Channels

Hi!, is there any way to change this in Nuendo or Protools to get the same 5.1 channel order?
I export my aaf without problems (embedded) but when I import it in Protools I need to change the tracks order before move to a 5.1 Track, is there a more professional way to do this?

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Hi Pablo,

yes, don’t use AAF.

My translation tool EDLtranslate does really more than AAF. Multitracks, automation, correct fades, clip names, mutes, routing, Audio parts and regions etc.
Export a Steinberg track archive and save it as Pro Tools session, or versa vice.

See here:


Another option is AATanslator:

If you are mac you can try Vordio
Has early support for Open Timeline IO and Compare / Reconform

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Guys, do any of the recommended tools actually remap channels?

Is it actually necessary to remap? An instance of a properly set-up MixerDelay in Nuendo is the most reliable, straight-forward fix for all related issues, in any direction, e.g.:

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Hello Dietz, I think it is necessary, because the problem is the transition from Nuendo to Protools, so if I have worked on 5.1 tracks in Nuendo the order of the channels is fine, the problem is that after finishing my work I go to PT with AAF .

Understood. Still I think it’s easier to insert a simple matrix in ProTools as a plug-in (and having everything under control in real-time) instead of relying on dubious interchange file-formats with all their unforeseeable pitfalls. :slight_smile:

EDLtranslate does exactly this. The 5.1 interleaved File in Nuendo (L,R,C,LFE,LS,RS) will be opened in Protools correct (L,C,R,LS,RS,LFE) without any audio conversion.

Every DOP process in Nuendo (clip or range based) will be also exactly transferred. So, no extra “save complete backup/save copy as” is necessary.

(EDLtranslate developer)

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Is there a trial Dietrich?

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Yes, is there a trial?


Without a license key you can load sessions, but don’t save it.

When you export your files with the Wave Extensible format flag, then your Multi BWav files will always be imported in the correct order.