Nuendo track presets - sluggish/crash

Attempting to select dropdown track preset menu has been sluggish, the last instance crashed.

Had about 20 instances of Kontakt and Play loaded (1/3rd of RAM in use)

Windows 10, 10.0, version 1909, build: 18363 (x64)

Nuendo 11.0.10


Nuendo 64bit 2021.4.3 (1.1 MB)

I had a somewhat similar behaviour (sluggish, lagging response of Preset menues etc.).
I had a couple of Network Drives connected but not online (other machines in the LAN which were not turned on). It seems Nuendo tries to search through all drives when using those preset menues, atleast disconnecting those drives alltogether solved this significantly. No more loading times, almost instant response.

Same goes for Waves Plugins by the way. When using USB Dongle activation the Plugin seems to also search on those not connected paths.

So make sure there are no offline network drives.