Nuendo UI scaling issues under Win 10 Pro

I have a 32" Eizo monitor/ 4k which works perfectly under Win 10/ Pro , with Pro Tools, Samplitude and Studio One.
These three program UI s can be scaled very easily by using the Windows 10 scaling option under System- preferences.

However , in Nuendo, the UI does not scale at all when I set the scaling factor from 100 % up to 125%. Its exactly the same UI scale , no difference.

But if I choose the 150% scaling factor, then the Nuendo UI will be enlarged by a factor of ca 4 ! And this is completely implausible.
Therefore my question to the forum: does someone here observes something similar on a larger 4K monitor under Win Pro10 and Nuendo ?

Does it still occur if you disable DPI in Nuendo Preferences? (Just for troubleshooting purposes)