Nuendo update form 11 to 12

I’m currently working with Nuendo 11, but took advantage of the upgrade price to version 12 today. My studio Macintosh is a MacPro 5.1 running Mojave, a newer Mac will be bought in the next couple of months. If I download and register Nuendo 12 today, will I still be able to run version 11 up to the arrival date of my new Macintosh? Or should I wait with registering until my new machine is available?

Read the FAQ on licensing to be certain about it. Personally though I downloaded and installed v12 and I already owned and ran v11 using the eLicenser. Both open and run fine on my machine.

Hi Thomas_Gass,

yes, as long as you keep your USB-eLicenser with the Nuendo 11 (upgraded to Nuendo 12) license in it connected to your computer.

All the best,