Nuendo update from Cubase

Dear Steinberg,
Have you ever thought of an update from Cubase to Nuendo?

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and what about an downgrade from Nuendo to Cubase?

(no kiddin´)

I was wondering this myself the other day, when seeing that Nuendo supports AAF import (OMF is basically dead, I wish they’d just put AAF support into Cubase.)

! :laughing: how would that work?

Steinberg did this in the past, but not recently AFAIK. I got my first Nuendo license through a ‘loyalty upgrade’ from Cubase 5 VST around 2001. About £500 IIRC. At the time Cubase was horrible compared with Nuendo, but soon after the first Cubase SX came out, which was Nuendo lite.

Store credit? :wink:

It were a upgrade version before but that doesn’t seem to exits any more?

Its not confirmed rumor yet but there are rumors that perhaps all Nuendo and Wavelab features will intergraded into one DAW version, Cubase 8 instead. :unamused:

Another rumor is that they consider add Halion as free “in-house” sampler like EXS24mkII is in Logic today.

If that rumors are true I think that would be just awesome and beginning of a golden age for Steinberg… :smiley: :wink:
I don’t know, only Steinberg knows what going on at Steinberg headquarter.

Many mastering facility use Samplitude today because of the Audio/CD/DVD & Meter/Scope integrations.If Stenberg add all that I think their new DAW will unstoppable and crush any DAW on the market right now. It will be a product that anyone would like to use both as an Artist, Producer, Songwriting, Pre and Post Production, Film and Scoring, Sound designer, advance audio editing and fxs for film and also Mastering houses that use other products today.

Best Regards

Let’s hope they do not decide to add the prices together aswell. That would be a very expensive proposition. :wink:

I’m positive that Cubase 8 would cost almost the same as today even though all extra features added like Wavelab, Nuendo and Halion.

I would guess a slightly higher increase of “update” cost from Cubase 7 to Cubase 8 or crossgrade from other DAWS.
But that would be fair if they add all those functions and features. :wink:

Best Regards

Finally it is going to Cubendo Pro 8 :laughing: