Nuendo versions

I’ve been working on a project in Nuendo-11 that was maybe started in Nuendo-8.

After saving the project in N11, if I then click on the .NPR in the project folder it launches N8.

Is this normal? I was expecting it to open in N11 as that was the most recent version that was used to edit the project.

If that is normal it could be problematic if the older version of Nuendo is no longer present.

What OS? On macOS, you can specify what version of Nuendo is to be used when opening a .npr from the Finder.

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Windows-10. It’s in my signature.

I don’t see it. Probably a forum option.

Right click the file and choose “properties”, then “change”:

I think that’s all there is to it.

Click on the user’s name “fenderchris” which should open up a floating window with the sig.

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Thanks Mattias, that’ll do it. I was just surprised that double-clicking on the file would not automatically launch into the Nuendo version that it was last used with.

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