Nuendo Video export naming bug

In Nuendo 13.0.30, Video Export - Replace Audio in Video - Resulting video files
shows names based on Video Clip name, however export is named as Video File name.
See screenshot.
Source video file name is “001594_GL_en_NFC_Q10DualActionSerum_GL0070047WaAORtSeNaNaNa_202310_Digital…20 (1)”
Video clip name was set to “Asset A”.
Video Export window show resulting name “Asset A_MIX”
However exported video is named “001594_GL_en_NFC_Q10DualActionSerum_GL0070047WaAORtSeNaNaNa_202310_Digital…20 (1)_MIX”

Please correct it to have exports named as resulting window reported. (based on video clip name)

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Hi @Martin_Merc ,
thank you for your report. I can confirm the bug as a regression and wrote a ticket. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Best regards
Marcel Brozio