Nuendo Video Export = Pixilated mess

Went to use the video export option…, and low and behold the video that Nuendo output is not even close to usable. I’m sound designing for an iPhone game, and the dimensions of the video are well…, that of an iPhone. The video I imported into Nuendo is 502x1080. The video that Nuendo exported is 1920x1080. And it’s not like the image was stretched to fill the extra pixels…, it was simply a pixilated, completely unrecognizable mess. Unfortunately, Nuendo 10.3 has zero options to control the video export. I would have thought Nuendo would export the video at the same dimensions as the video in the timeline, or at least add black bars.

Luckily, the iMovie application could solve this by importing the original video and replacing the audio with the mixdown from Nuendo…, though, not looking forward to doing this for possibly 100’s of videos over several revisions.

I’m using v10.3 on OSX Mojave. Does anyone know if v11 works any better in this regard?

That is not a standard video aspect size, so I do not think even N11 at this time works well with that.

I would suggest using ER Media Toolkit. These tools are very helpful for many audio post usages, such as:
• Replacing audio in video, it does this quickly, not a full re-export unless you want to compress the video differently than the original file.
• Separating the audio and video correcting the sync offset introduced by the creator/codec.
• Converting to various commonly used file types as mp4, mov, avi, mkv, Apple ProRes and Avid DnxHD (Pro codecs not available in the basic esentials version).
• Resizing odd aspect ratios to standard formats making it work better in Nuendo.
• Automatically assigned as a possible “After Export” preference in Nuendo 11 so the exported audio file opens in Media ER.
• Add Watermark, TC in picture or picture-in-picture.
• Adjust exported file to a set loudness level.
• CPU control so you can avoid using all your computer power while converting large files.
• Batch/Queue mode.
•ilok cloud licensing so for each license you can use it on multiple machines but only one at the time (handled simply using the ilok cloud from the application itself). When I needed it at home I just signed in and got access to the license. Easy peasy (I’m not normally a ilok fan).

And there is more.

The programmer is a Nuendo user as well (and I know him, so a slight bias from me of course), so if you can find suggestions for improving it he most certainly will look at it from a Nuendo user context.

Yes it is a ffmpeg based program, but good luck dealing with manually handling all the above using the terminal. This application makes it easy. And as we all know, if you get a audio or video file with a weird or old codec, ffmpeg will still convert it.

Honestly it is great!

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