nuendo vs cubase graphical performance issues

i’ve been trying to accomodate the latest [cubase 7.5] to my workflow, and am noticing some differences as to how smooth (or glitchy) the graphical performance is between the two applications. anyone else uses both programs and noticed this? cubase’s audio events flicker when zoomin in and out, the project cursor also flickers at times, and the redraw speed in general seems poorer with cubase.

do the two apps have different codes for the graphical side of things?

i like some of the new cubase features, but very much dislike how poorly and less snappy it is compared to nuendo or older cubase versions.

is this something some of you solved by looking at your video card drivers, or even exchanging the graphics card?

thank you!

It’s part of the leap frog cycle of program development.

Whatever goes on between Cubase and Nuendo in terms of coding is not really the issue.

The issue is how well bugs are ironed out in a prior version (all branches included) before a new version is released.

I have not noticed any differences in the two. I use Nuendo in my work, but use Cubase to test out the new features before they show up in Nuendo.
Both are very smooth graphically.

Thank you. I may have to look into my graphics card then.

In general, what is the consensus regarding Aero in Windows? I’ve always had it off in Win 7, and stuck to the ‘xp / NT’ look with the least amount of graphical bells and whistles as possible; but I’ve heard someone say Aero may take some strain off the CPU…

I find 7.5 to be a little bit rough as well when it comes to UI snappiness, especially when editing audio events. Not sure if this have something to do with my computer and OSX…I tried my friends PC system and it was much snappier in this regard.

Also running OSX, and video performance is not great… Running a MacBook Pro - I don’t understand how it can be the graphics cards, as there is no “acceleration” going in… No 3D stuff to render? Are Steinberg using OPENGL or any tipe of acceleration?? So I don’t see how upgrading your graphics card can help… The only thing the graphic card should do is display on the screen, whatever is in the screen memory. And it works for any other app smoothly…

Am I wrong??

It’s true, you must not “disable” AERO.