Nuendo vs Wavelab for live recording?

I have a live performance setup with Brainspawn Forte hosting several instances of Kontakt and one of Guitar Rig. I’d like to record the show at the same time.

I’d be recording 8 tracks of 48KHz / 24Bit. I don’t need to do any processing while recording. It will be easiest for me if I start it up before soundcheck and leave it until the show is over, so it could be 4+ hours straight recording. (I know Nuendo can handle the large file sizes… not sure about Wavelab)

Obviously Nuendo is made for this, but I notice that Wavelab can record 8 tracks into a montage and I got to wondering if Wavelab might just happen to be “lighter” on the system in this specific case… use less CPU power, handle the disk drive more efficiently, etc., to leave as much headroom as possible for the live music apps.

Any insight? Thanks in advance…


You could take a look at Nuendo live.

Hello Hairbear,
I’m involved in a mobile recording van solution.
We use nuendo live and it’s very efficient CPU wise. Very stable too.
We use wavelab 8 to record the stereo feed of the live mixes from an analog console. Wave lab is extremely stable and great for quick delivery of files right after the recording process.
We use it to provide and sale USB keys right after the shows. Files need to be mp3 encoded along with proper tune names and tags. Thanks to the batch processor, it’s done in a breeze !

While you’re needs are a bit different (8 tracks only, no post rec process on the go), any of the three (nuendo, nuendo live or wavelab) would be OK.
Because you’re going to do it from a separate machine anyway.
I wouldn’t try the all in one machine solution. Too risky and how are you going to use multiple asio client simultaneously ? Multi cards or multi client asio driver card ?

I’ve seen Nuendo live with a Yamaha CL1 yesterday in a church with a small soul band and gospel choir.
It looked very cool. The guy had a macbook pro hooked up via dante and just pressed record as soon as they started playing and stop when the gig was finished.

Very impressive small little setup for foh and recording at the same time if you ask me.


Yes Olivier, Nuendo Live is cool and actually pretty cheap !
I like the Rec lock function, it prevents unwanted disaster (oops, I pressed the space bar… :astonished: ).
As simple and efficient than a hardware recorder.


I would recommend Nuendo Live for this kind of work. For later post-production you can open a
Nuendo Live Project in Nuendo 6. And it’s even cheaper than WaveLab.


I’ve done a fair amount of live recording with Nuendo and I’ve made the dreaded mistake of screwing up the input assignments (which I can’t understand for the life of me why they don’t auto-populate), but I would definitely invest in Nuendo Live. Go for simplicity in live recording. There’s enough else to worry about.