Nuendo .wav file crashing Premiere

For a video project, I’ve delivered a 90 minute .wav file (from a PC) to the editor using Premiere (on MAC) and he is telling me that my file keeps crashing his computer. I highly doubt this could be the case but I thought I’d ask here to see if anyone has ever come across something like this.

I’ve tried .wav and .aiff stereo files at 16 bit/48k. I’ve unchecked options like “insert tempo xlm chunk” etc. I’m now trying two mono files to see if that works. Anyway, he keeps blaming me but, then again, this is the bozo that delivered an omf with mixed sample rates :frowning:

If anyone has any advice, I’d appreciate it ASAP as he has to burn a DVD for a screening at WB tomorrow.

OMG, what a nightmare it is to work with amateurs. I feel for you.

Have you tried opening and re-saving in another application?
Is he close? I sometimes deliver the mixes myself and stay with my customers while they are playing out the material.

Amateur Hour indeed! Haven’t heard from him and the screening is tomorrow so I’m guessing all is at least OK. It’s definitely something on his end but I just thought I’d ask here. Thanks for the post and ideas.

Just a thought to throw out here:

It might actually be worth spending a smaller amount of money for Premiere CC for one month, and make sure it works on your end. That way you can always refer to having done it with ‘the latest version’, and everyone on the email list understands that you know what you’re doing and that the problem is elsewhere.

If it’s easy enough you could even just rent Premiere whenever you need to convert the files and charge it back to the clients. Hey, if they don’t have the capacity to figure it out themselves then it’s either their headache or their money, right?

Great idea Lydiot. I might even be able to see what the issue was.

Well, Nuendo Wave file headers have idiosyncrasies that can throw off some apps.

The guy on OS X could use XLD to make simple Wave to Wave “conversions” that will result in “clean” file headers.