Nuendo Won't Quit


On another thread, JDSStudios said, “It’s a well known fact, that Nuendo doesn’t always quit”.

That happens sometimes with me, and I’m still on V-8.

Someone mentioned “memory corruption”.

I don’t feel so alone, anymore. I thought it was OS X, causing the problem. now I know.Hmmm

Curious, what is “memory corruption”? N10 often fails to quit for me on both Mac and PC on three different systems.

I’m curious, as well.

In Kontakt, they sometimes talk about “purging” the memory. That’s another interesting term.

That’s true GTBannah.
I also mentioned that a moderator in this forum blamed the plugins, so to test what he said,
I uninstalled all plugins and Quit Nuendo.
Then a Cold boot.
Then Start Nuendo.
Then Quit Nuendo.
A few minutes later I tried reinstalling the plugins,
and Windows immediately complained that it could not install because Nuendo was still running.

So its not the plugins in this case.

It looks like this very buggy Nuendo version keeps getting the same old
irritating excuse - the plugins. But Its not the plugins, its Steinberg.

And the replies from Steinberg here- silence.

They will not take care of us that soon with this VERY buggy Nuendo version,
because they are too busy with the cheaper but more profitable Cubase.

I am spending more time and getting more help in the REAPER forum, versus Steinberg silence here.

OH and my customers- they are observing my several crashes per session now.

I have also asked in this forum here, where I could upload some of the 460 Nuendo crashes:
YES over 460. I keep trying everything from drivers updates , to BIOS, to anything I can troubleshoot, just
to rule out my system being the problem.

Nuendo 4.3 works relatively fine in comparison to the horror in N10.2.10.
No reply from Steinberg.

EDIT: And the work around to avoid some crashes?
Well, don’t use Worspaces, avoid using settings, do not save different color schemes,
do not Zoom in and Out too much, get off your chair and spin around 3 times
and intermittently you may have slightly less crashes.

Rant over