Nuendo10 upgrade question

First of all, I’m sorry for not speaking English well.

I purchased the “Nuendo 10 Update from Nuendo 7” license.
But actually, I had a Nuendo 8 license
In this case, can you not get any updates at all?

You must cancel the existing purchase history and purchase “Nuendo 10 Update from Nuendo 8”
Can it be used normally?

When entering the Activation Code through the USB eLicenser, the following message appears and the “Upgrade Liense” button is not activated.
"Currently, there in no liense available which can be upgraded by your upgrade liense.
please connect an usb-elienser which holds an approprite upgradable liense to your computer "

Thanks for reading :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

Yes, unfortunately you have to cancel the purchase and make a new one. There is no other way.