Nuendo12 suddenly quit while deleting the audio track.

The Nuendo12 suddenly quit while deleting the audio track. This BUG has appeared since the upgrade to nuendo12, and the issue has not been fixed so far. My MAC version is 13.4.1. The Nuendo version is the latest. This BUG is affecting my work so much that it is devastating!

Calling this a bug is a stretch— though I’ve had a similar experience.

I’m pretty sure that in MY case it has had to do with templates and/or projects made in previous versions. It hasn’t happened with N 12 for me at all since I’ve updated all of my templates. It may also worth checking the plugins you’re using and making sure they’re all up to date.


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Thanks for your advice, I will try to upgrade some outdated plugins, indeed I have some plugins version is still relatively old. I hope we can solve this problem. Thanks again for your advice.

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I had the same problem. First I thought it had to do with my Template or the AAF. Then i realized it didn‘t occur when I disconnected my Apogee.