Nuendo5 makes me dizzy!

Since I started to use N5 my eyes becomes very tired and I feel dizzy after one hour of work.
I have never had this problem with N4 (and previous versions). At the beginning I thought it was the font, so I changed it. It seems better but not enough.
I had this kind of problem in the past only once when I tried Reaper. I thought it had something to do with the graphic resolution of the program.
I wonder if something major has been changed in the graphic of N5 compared to N4 apart from the colors.
Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

The grid on the project window can be softened and darkened. Try that?

Personally I de-saturate the main colour completely and just let the buttons have a little colour.

I wish we could have a darker arrange window, whilst retaining a clear but not “buzzy” grid colour though.

Most truly pro apps er on the side of dark. (NOT to be confused with the dark-side) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions.
But I have already tried few colours adjustments and no difference.
I remember when I tried Reaper that no matter what colour scheme the problem was always there. I even managed to have a GUI very similar to N4 but it made no difference.
Is it possible that Steinberg has changed something in the graphic resolution of the program to make it lighter or, I don’t know, maybe what I am saying makes no sense. What I know is that I can work for 8 hours on N4 with no problem at all and just 1 hour on N5, sometimes even less than 1 hour.
I work with Nuendo for several hours every day and for me this is a very big problem!

Windows 7? Could be caused by flickering position cursor.

Does sound odd - more than just a colour preference thing.

An acid test would be to look at Nuendo on another Pc. If it’s gone then…

Vista32bit. And I don’t see flickering position cursor but I’ll pay more attention to that.

I haven’t tried this yet. But I did with Reaper when I had a similar problem and it made no difference. Also with N4 I have had no problems on different monitors and computers. But I’ll try this too.