Nuendo6 Trial Issues...

Nuendo Trial 6.0.2 build 2107 32bit

First of all…Is there a limit on the number of side chain setups in a project?
If not then this might need to be looked at.

  1. Newly added side chain inputs stop showing up in the drop down routing list:
    Try setting up more then 8 side chains in a project.
    Actually don’t know how many it takes to start the issues but I was using…

Six side chain signals for the vocals…keyed from duplicated tracks, shifted earlier in time by about 10-20 ms.
These were working fine. Next day I began to work on the drums, this is when I started having issues.
I added the Kik SC and it showed up in the list. I added the Kik beater SC and it showed up too.
The next one didn’t. I tried using the Channel Strip Gates and the Gate insert plugin,
neither would show up in the drop down list as available choices.

So if anyone could try and reproduce this in Nu 6.0.3 that would be tits.
I have a feeling it has to do with the track order in the project but I thought that madness was fixed long ago…
Anyway setup multiple side chains, see how many you get before they start not showing up in the drop down routing menu list.

If this does have something to do with the track order, then you may have to setup side chains for tracks at the end of the project first… (Where my vocals usually are/Down at the bottom of the project window)
Then, save and close Nuendo, open again and setup additional side chains on tracks that appear higher up the track list.

2. Channel meters in the mix console stop showing activity.
Sound is still produced but the meter shows no activity.
This can be a nightmare to track down in a large project.
“where is that sound coming from?” Hard to find when you have no meter to help you.
Closing and opening the mixer seems to fix it, but it will happen again.

3. No chord assistant in the trial version? I thought the webpage said “fully functioning trial.”
I want another trial period as this version clearly isn’t fully functioning.

Thanks, and your welcome.

I had a similar problem, but worse. My solution was to trash all prefs and rebuild them. Perhaps that’ll help you too.

I think this came up earlier. Perhaps you can search for it and see if there was a solution or whatever.

I think this came up earlier. Perhaps you can search for it and see if there was a solution or whatever.

I think I brought it up earlier…no solution or response as far as I know.
Any chance you could try the side chain repro if you have Nuendo 6.0.3?
This could be a deciding factor for me.
Especially if there is a limit on the number of side chain routings allowed in a project.


Forgot to mention the positives…

  1. Nuendo 6 loads and closes faster then 5.5.

  2. The new plugins are very welcome, nice to have a few different flavors of
    compression right out of the box so to speak.
    Haven’t tried the anymix panner yet though.

  3. Haven’t had a single crash yet.

Just put this machine together…
Nothing installed except for Nuendo 5/5.55/6
Not even connected to the internet.
Followed Viper’s Win7 service tweaks.

i7 3770k
Windows 7 32bit (until I get a new audio interface next month)

I am loving Nuendo 6 + NEK. I almost lost my mind and went with PT 11 but then realized that of my plugins would need up dating and that Avid was being stupid again trying to control the hardware more etc. I don’t stand for that with my software companies that I buy from.
And I am very much loving all the key command editing options. I mapped them to my 3dconnexion space pilot pro.
very nice very quick editing! I even set the 6 way control puck to zoom, pan,scrub slow scrub fast prev track next track etc.