Nuendo7 & High Sierra, can we expect update?


Anybody tried High Sierra just yet with Nuendo? I know Steinberg doesn’t give green light for it just yet, but just wondering if someone has tested it with Nuendo 7.1.35? Reason I’m asking is because I recently got second hand Macbook Pro 2016 which had High Sierra, but I immediately wiped it clean and installed Sierra on it to make sure Nuendo works. However, High Sierra updated the EFI firmware to newer one which Sierra install doesn’t overwrite, because it’s, well, newer.

It may not be related, but now I have constant clicks and pops with Nuendo and other audio software (even iTunes) when using RME Fireface. I’ve read that this could be an issue with all USB interfaces and this Macbook Pro model. There could be an EFI update for this in the future, but for that I need to have High Sierra installed, which I wouldn’t like to do if Nuendo doesn’t work. So, summarum:

  1. Any experiences on how Nuendo7 behaves in High Sierra (espevially with new APFS file system for SSD)?
  2. Can we expect Nuendo7 to be updated to work on High Sierra or do I need to upgrade to Nuendo8?

I really do not wish to upgrade to Nuendo8 because there seems to be lots of performance issues on Mac side currently.



Anyone yet on High Sierra with N7.1.35?

Best, Alan


I also need to have answers to the original question here. I am ready to try an iMac Pro but have absolutely NO IDEA if I can run Nuendo on it.

I own (currently) 3 licenses for Nuendo (3 seats) and yet I cannot work out how to get telephone support. Steinberg apparently only offer support between 10am and 12pm (2 hours a day) which is staggeringly meagre.

Then I find I am referred to Yamaha for Nuendo support but their website support ticket page is demand a serial number - I wav eno idea where for what this is in Nuendo. All original packaging dating back 10 or more years is long gone. I enter eLicenser info and nothing works.

So I am completely stumped in terms of support. Today.

Earlier, I was able to run Nuendo 7.1.35 in High Sierra without any hickups and 7.1.40 works flawlessly too, although I think it somehow eats more resources than 7.1.35, maybe due to new video engine. I mean, I feel my 2016 Macbook Pro seems to fan-scream more than before. However, I’m not 100% sure about this. Anyway, with ASIO guard, everything works ok, through RME Fireface UC. I’m also running on APFS filesystem, so no problems there. Using latest 10.13.2 High Sierra, which came available yesterday, meaning security update for Intel processor flaws. The actual 10.13.2 update late last year got rid of the clicks and pops, because it addressed some flaws in USB implementation which affected 3rd party USB audio interfaces, such as RME Fireface UC. Luckily, no problems anymore!

I’d imagine Nuendo would be awesome on new iMac Pro, thinking about getting one myself! If you do get it and run Nuendo, please tell us how it works and especially about the fans - are they loud under load or does the new airflow system keep the noise level down enough for silent audio work?

Thanks for taking the time to write an answer. If I go ahead with iMac Pro I will post my experiences!


Thanks for the input guys! I will also install High Sierra and let you know how it works with N7.1

Best, Alan

So far so good, Nuendo 7.1.40 runs fine with High Sierra on the new Mac Mini. The Mac Pro’s are still on Sierra for now.

Best, Alan

No problems on my machines.