Nuendo's eLicenser and Waves SSL?

I have the Waves SSL bundle and after a HD crash, I have not reinstalled in on my computer in over a year. I have recently updated to N5 and saw that the new eLicenser seems to be more than just for Nuendo. Does anyone know if I can have other products on this USB Elicenser, specifically the waves stuff?


no, for waves you need an ilok.

The same Steinberg e-licenser dongle can be used for other Steinberg products. Used to be possible to put other Synchrosft licences on there, eg Korg, but not sure if that’s still true?

Yes, the eLicenser can store Steinberg licenses, as well as licenses from 3rd parties. Korg is one of them, Waves is not. Licenses cannot be transfered between an iLok and an eLicenser, as these are two different copy protection solutions.


Korg has dumped eLicenser actually and gone to a challenge/response method of copy protection. Rob Papen has done the same…

There are other 3rd party companies though that do use eLicenser (or at least give you the option)

VirSyn, XILS Labs, VSL (I think!), and Eiosis come to mind…