Num pad stuck navigating?

Hi, I just booted up Dorico to start something new. I used to have a custom Numpad setup for microtonal accidentals (kindly guided by text file editing instructions you helped someone else with on the forum). I’m now finding my Numpad to be doing things such as Page up and down, moving through the bar sideways, or changing one instrument up or down. This is true on normal fresh projects without the tonality system etc too. Odd as I can’t even see a default key command map that has the Numpad as navigation?
Any ideas what has happened?

Could it be that you’ve turned on/off Num Lock? Num Lock - Wikipedia

Did you accidentally turn NumLock off on your keyboard?

(Once again, Leo got there first. :grimacing: )

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Ah, so that’s what that key does…Thank you so much hahah!

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