Number noteheads


Is it possible to have a number for a notehead? Or at least to have a degree of a note displayed?


I’ve not tried this, and with everything else going on right at the moment don’t have time to try it, but I think if you were to look at one of the existing notehead sets that differ by scale degree and design new noteheads that use numbers instead of noteheads, it would work – but of course they will still appear at the staff position where they would normally appear, so if you’re trying to do something like jianpu through this method, you won’t get very far.

Wow! And where I can design new noteheads? Thanks!

Go into Engrave mode, then on the Engrave menu you’ll find the Notehead Sets editor.

I figured and it worked! Thanks, Daniel, fantastic upgrade!

Thanks, Leo!

Hi. Has anybody created a set of Number noteheads based on scale degree that they could share?

Also, if you create your own set, how do you apply it to all the notes in an existing project?