Number Of Bars dialoge gone?

is the
Scores > Advanced Layout > Numbr Of Bars
function still available for you in 10.5.20? The dialoge window does not show up any more here…

No such issue here.
Is the command in the menu greyed out?

hmmm, strange…
it´s not greyed out, only the dialoge does not appear…
thanks for the feedback!

As this tiny dialogue remembers its last position on screen, make sure it’s not already open and hidden by another window.
If it’s not the case, then I would suggest to start Cubase in Safe Mode with disabled preferences option to see if the problem persists.
If the problem is solved in Safe Mode, you know what you’ll have to do.

thanks again!
I found it pushed over the edge of my third monitor with just a tiny small part still visible. Wonder who placed it there :wink: