Number of Bars per Staff settings In Score Edit

The only options when setting the Number of Bars per Staff are “This Staff” or “All Staves”. Is there no way to set it to “All Following Staves”? Believe it or not I still use my trusty old Cubase VST occasionally and it has this option, which was very handy. Otherwise, you have to click on each staff and then “This Staff” to continue the setting.

The “All Staves” option precisely means “all following staves” from the position cursor. Doesn’t it work this way for you?

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OK that works. I thought I tried that, but probably not paying attention. So obviously no need for a literal “All Staves” - just do it from the first staff, same thing. The label is just confusing.


In this case maybe you could also consider the “Default Number of Bars per Staff” settings from: