Number of Dorico installations

I was about ready to buy Dorico, but at the last minute I found out about Steinberg’s licensing. Are you really limited to a single installation? I see some mention of moving a license to a USB dongle, but that’s not a real solution.

Welcome to the forum, bobmccune. I’m afraid that the answer is yes, if you use the Soft-eLicenser you are limited to a single computer. However, you can reactivate the software on a second computer without using the USB-eLicenser following the procedure described here. The only downside to this is that the first computer is then considered retired by the eLicenser system, so you can only update the software on the second computer.

We are actively working on a new successor licensing system that will mean Dorico is no longer reliant on the eLicenser technology, but this is a big project and will take some time to come to fruition.

Thanks, Daniel. That’s disappointing, but I appreciate the info. I’m glad to hear Steinberg is working on a new license system.

bobmccune, did you see this:
I have two licenses for Dorico like some others. The current 50% discount would help :slight_smile:

I couldn’t ask for better timing for the 50% deal!! The thought crossed my mind, but given Daniel’s workaround, hopefully one will suffice.

I have Pro 3.5 but would like to install the free Dorico SE on the same machine or a second one.
Is this possible given that SE is free and presumably needs no license? Or does it?
I want to use it for teaching so that I can see exactly what a student will see.

I have SE on my laptop so that I can use it as a backup and, if necessary, switch my USB eLicenser to the laptop when I want a transportable copy of Dorico Pro. You would like have to register to obtain an SE license code even though it would be free.

The install file is identical. The application itself is identical. The only difference is the feature set, and that is determined by the license.

If you have a Dorico Pro licence but you want to run a different Dorico flavour, you can hold the Alt key while starting Dorico to launch Dorico Elements, and hold Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) to launch Dorico SE.

If you’ve already got Dorico 3.5 (Pro) installed, don’t waste your time trying to install any other flavour of Dorico on this computer.

If you want SE on a different computer, then sure, you’ll need to install Dorico and request an SE license code.

Thanks for your comments Derrek and pianoleo.

To be able to change flavours like that is really great! As I’ve been working on a few small things for pno solo, or pno with a wind inst. or vocal, I’ll try out SE with them.

Cheers friends!