number of ins and outs in Cubase

I need to run 3 madifx cards to host external effects inputs and 2-24 track tape machines so how many physical ins and outs can I have in Cubase at the same time. I mean lots of external effects. And at least 48 inputs from preamps. And I want to run 64 tracks output to the console. Plus I need for monitoring and headphone amps

The inputs and outputs for each version of Cubase are listed here:

Cubase Pro should have more than enough for your needs.

Does that include the external hardware? As well as ins and outs?.. I don’t know, its pushing it… I might have to run 2 via system link…

It’s 256 mono inputs and 256 mono outputs for all external hardware.

Is that at all sample rates

Cubase doesn’t limit anything based on sample rate. You always have 256 inputs and 256 outputs.

Is new nuendo the same or does it have more ins and outs ?

Just go check the Nuendo specs. It’s should be easy to find answers to these questions yourself.

I can’t find it in the specs of of nuendo. Does anyone know off the top of their head because some people are telling me that Cubase can do a lot more than 256

How would the answer off the top of someone’s head be better than what you’ve been hearing from some people?

You are asking in the wrong forum.

I expect the people telling you this are confusing tracks (unlimited) with physical inputs & outputs (256). But yes, as Steve says why would you want top of anyone’s head numbers?

I just need to know how many physical ins and outs I can get because I feel in Cubase I may be running out of outputs and inputs for what I need to do believe it or not

We’re not confused by your wanting to know the total number (though it is an awful lot more than I would ever want) but as to why the published numbers for Cubase aren’t good enough for you and you’d rather have someones “top of the head” number.

Just look at the official specs for Cubase…

256 Physical inputs and output
Unlimited tracks.

Ditto what others have said.
Just look at the specs here:

I just looked on the nuendo website and it’s because there’s no different versions to compare the specs of physical ins and outs are not there

For Cubase, look at the official specs.
For Nuendo, go ask in the Nuendo forum