Number of measures per system

Hi, is there a configuration that I can use to force each flow with a number of beats and that can be different from each other?
For example: I would like flow 1 to have 3 beats for each system but flow 2 instead I want 4.
Is there a way to configure Dorico to do this without having to manually move each beat?

Number of measures per system.

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No, the Casting Off settings in Layout Options are layout-specific, not flow-specific.

It may be that you can get better automatic results by adding Note Spacing Changes (from the Engrave menu) at the start of each flow; the higher the value for each quarter note, the fewer bars you’ll get per system.
The amount of System Breaks you’ll still need to add will be dependent on how consistent the density of your bars is, basically.

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Thanks, that’s what I was afraid of.

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