Number of section players instruments

Hi Steinberg community, I want to add a horn section player to my project, so how many horns do I have? How can I know the number of the instruments that a section player has? Thank you

If you just add the Horn, Dorico will likely figure out the number for you.

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A section player can represent any number of instruments - it’s up to you! (And the forces available in any ensemble that plays the resulting music…!)

You can divide a section player into as many staves as required. Typically though, I think it’s fair to say people tend to use solo players for horns (as like woodwind parts, brass parts are frequently written out for individual instruments) and then use condensing to reduce the number of staves used in the full score if you like. If you add 4 solo horn players, Dorico automatically numbers them. String instruments are generally section players in Dorico, as a lot of orchestral pieces have a e.g. “Violin I” part that can be played by all the players in the Violin 1 section (some orchestras might have e.g. 8 first violins, others may have more or less).

I believe section players use ensemble playback sounds whereas solo players use solo playback sounds, where the playback device has both options available.

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