Number of sends in cubase 8?

Hi guys, I’m still using cubase 5 and it’s time to update my DAW. Is there still only 8 sends in cubase 8?

Yes. 8 audio sends.

Thank you. That’s sad. Look like it’s time to not only update but to change it to Logic or Protools ((
10 years of using Cubase. Time to grow. Thanks OSX, there is several good DAW

You can get around this “soft limit” quite easily in Cubase Pro 8.5.x
You can use the 8 sends (and also the Direct Routing) for 16 possible routes on any individual track.
If you route that track to a Group Channel, you have another 16 there.
(And since Cubase Pro has absolutely “sample perfect” routing from both the Sends and the Direct Routing sections you have no loss or modification of the original using the cumulative routing. I’ve personally checked the routing through many Group channels and FX send channels and with no EQ or added effects the original source track audio will cancel perfectly when an inverted phase of the source track is mixed in on the stereo out!)
And then if you route that Group channel to another Group channel, you have another 16 there…

So on and so forth.

While a single track may in fact only have 8 send slots, your routing possibilities of the audio from a track are virtually infinite.